Eachine E100 Carbon Fiber DIY Frame


Material: Carbon Fiber
Wheelbase: 100mm
Motor: 720/820 Coreless motor
Propeller size: 30mm
Aluminum Posts Size: M2*18
Bare weight: 6.65g (Motor not included)
Size: L85mm x W85mm x H20mm

Small wheelbase 100mm,very small brushed motors can be utilized as the power source with small 30mm propellers.
The carbon fiber board is 1mm thickness. The kit comes with red CNC aluminum posts.
On these the top plate is fitted with an extra plate added to fit you FPV camera.
Lightweight about 7g.
Rubber motor mounts to ease vibration

Required (package not include):
4 x 720 / 820 Coreless motor
4 x 30mm Propeller (2CW & 2CCW)
1 x 250~950mAh 1S LiPo Battery
1 x Flight Controller

Eachine E100 Carbon Fiber DIY Frame
Eachine E100 Carbon Fiber DIY Frame


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