122mm 1.2mm 10g PCB Frame for 820 Coreless Motors (8.5x20mm)


Material: PCB
Wheelbase: 122mm
Thickness: 1.2mm
Weight: 10g
Motor diameter: 8.5mm
Support 820 (8.5 x 20mm) Hollow Cup motors, 75mm Propellers.

With PCB material, super lightweight and compact, perfect for building Micro and Nano FPV.
820 motor give your lots of power and flight time than 720 motor, making it more suitable for micro fpv.
This specially designed frame features land skid, can be convenient to place the battery, but also to protect the motor.

Required (package not include):
4 x 820(8.5 x 20mm) motors
4 x 75mm Propeller
1 x Control Board
1  x Battery

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